Upgrade/Update a Web Application

Hi All,

We are working with a few custom angular/TS applications, hosted on a local cumulocity tennant.
The problem we are facing currently is updating these applications with a new version.

Backend Version: 1011.0.12

Current Status:
- We have a custom application uploaded through the administration application:
[Own Applications β†’ Add application β†’ Upload web application]
- The application is working as it should. We do not have any problems with this.
- We wish to update/upgrade this application.
- The only information we could find was to upload the new version as a .zip to the archive of the application and setting it as active.

What we expect to happen:
- The old version is completely removed
- The new version is uploaded/instantiated

What happens:
- The new version is set to be β€œactive”
- When opening the application, no changes are visible.
- Reload / Reactivate appear to be doing nothing.
- Opening the inspector, we can see that the loaded app..js file is exactly the same as in the old version i.e. has not been updated.
- Even if we completely delete the application from the application list and then upload the new version. The old version is still visible.
- We can force a correct load by manually changing the app..js link within index.html in the inspector to the filename as present in the new version.zip (so it is being unpacked and made available!). On reload, the new version will be shown.
- Switching back to the old version will now not work.
- We can only get the new version to show up if we upload it as a completly new application, but this would mean that we have to reset all credentials everytime we want to do an update.

I’d like to know what exactly is going wrong or, what might be going wrong.

Do you set a new version, in the package.json of the new app?

The old version had β€œ1.0.0” as version. Neither β€œ1.0.1”, β€œ1.1.0” or β€œ2.0.0” resulted in a different outcome.

The web applications are cached on the client side. A normal reload will still take the files from the cache instead of requesting them again from the server.
If you reload the page using [Control] + [Shift] + [R] you should reload it without using the cache and the new version should be visible. An incognito window would also not use the cached files.

The cache is also invalidated after some time, so I guess you should see the new version also without clearing your cache by now.


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Having a cached version completly slipped my mind.
Luckly it should be an easy fix.