Updating flag='n' to 'm' in datebase

hi Everyone,
i am new to webMethods. i am inserting data in database.where i have a column called ‘Flag’=‘N’…when i update this column i have to get Flag=‘M’.
but in my table i have 10insertions.for all 10 insertions.i have to get in Flag=‘M’ in flag column.using string and loop…is it possible:)
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I am assuming you mean … Insert values where flag = ‘N’ and updated flag to ‘M’ once inserted, And you want to do this across multiple records.

If that’s the case then YES, you can. You have to loop on your select flag = ‘N’ result set, and perform sql - Insert value1 value 2… flag = ‘M’ where value = {some unique value in table} and flag = ‘N’
You can loop on your result set insert values and then update flag in different step inside the loop

Also search for ‘transaction management’ or ‘local transaction’ in this forum. Which talks about managing your insert/update transactions in case if your operation fails.

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hi Anil,
i got it now,thanku for your valuable suggestion…if u have any interviews questions…its very great helpful to me…
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