Universal Messaging and Terracotta in .io products?

For the Cloud Integration designs, how can I include the Universal Messaging and Terracotta?

I don’t see any option in webMethods.io Integration. Am I missing anything here?

Thank you.

Hi Naidu,

I believe you are looking for Caching and Asynchronous capabilities.

You can use Data store for Caching capabilities - https://docs.webmethods.io/integration/connectors/connector-bundle/developer-c/#co-data_store

wMIO.integration does have asynchronous capabilities. wMIO also can work with external messaging systems - e.g., AMQP, MQTT, SQS, Google Pub Sub, etc.
We plan to offer Messaging capabilities in built in future releases.

Thank you @Srikanth.

But if I’m doing a cloud deployment -

If an onPremise integration design (with UM, Terracotta, IS) is deployed to cloud webMethods.io Integration. How are these tools (UM, and Terracotta) substituted in Cloud deployment?

Thank you.