Unable to upload microservice binary in Cumulocity On-Edge


i’ve just created a microservice package following the Python example (https://cumulocity.com/guides/microservice-sdk/http/#hello-microservice-python) and deployed the resulting zip without any problem to our cumulocity cloud instance. But when trying to deploy the package on a fresh on-edge installation i get the following error:

    "error": "security/Forbidden",
    "message": "Access is denied",
    "info": "https://www.cumulocity.com/guides/reference-guide/#error_reporting"

Both users (Cumulocity cloud and on-edge) have admin permissions. The edge user also has sufficient permissions to create the new appliaction via REST api in the first place.
We are currently evalauating the following on-edge version:

 Version: 1004.0.14 (backend), 1004.0.14 (UI)


Hi Jens,

microservices are not supported on that version of Edge, yet.

best regards