Unable to start Cognos Server in wM 8.0

Hi All,

i am unable to start the Cognos server in wM 8.0

i am getting below error.

“Content manager cannot start because the database character set for the content store is not supported”

could you please help me to fix this issue.

Vinod Kumar Ksheersagar


Which DBMS are you using?
Which options do you have set to the webMethods database?

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Hi Gerardo,

thanks a lot for your time,

my database is Oracle 10g, and i resolved this issue as show below.

In SQL Plus, determine if the database is unicode by typing the following Select statement:


The result should return NLS_CHARACTERSET and NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET of UTF-8 or UTF-16, or AL32UTF8 or ALI6UTF16, or not unicode.

If this is not the case, recreate the Oracle database with one of these character sets

Vinod Kumar Ksheersagar