Unable to access Cumulocity API via Postman

Hi Yousef,

you are using a Cumulocity instance within softwareag.cloud, which uses SSO for authentication. Therefore, you don’t see the authorization header as authorization is handled via a token in the Cookie. That’s also the reason why Basic authentication doesn’t work for your current user, because the user is configured to sign in and authenticate via SSO.

The easiest solution for your issue is to create a new local user within your Cumulocity tenant, which then will use Basic authentication. How to managed and add a new user is described here. I suggest to create a user with a preconfigured password, who has the role admin assigned:

The role admin allows the user to access all available APIs. Once you have created this user you can his credentials (username and password) to generate the Basic auth header (or simply copy it from the Dev Tools, when you sign in with the newly created user).

Best regards