Troubleshoot - Sequence <> initialization issues

Whenever you try to declare a sequence of in Apama, and if you encounter the Apama IDE Build Error - Expecting a value got a nulltype

sequence outputSequence := new sequence;

This error occurs if the event Order is not declared within the same monitor script.

One way you can overcome the error is to declare an event wrapper for Order Event like below

event OrderSeq
Order Order;

And declare your sequence using the wrapper event
sequence outputSequence := new sequence;

Through above declaration, the build error will be resolved

Feel free to share if you have better option to overcome the error


Hi Vinay,
Can you let us know what version of Apama you’re using, and also provide a bit more detail? It’s not clear exactly what arrangement of code you’ve got that provokes this error; could you attach the ‘.mon’ files from your project?