Trouble sending Emails

check the mail forwarding or routing rules in the mail server. This is a mail problem rather than the smtp service from IS



Hi Graham Moisley,
I think my smtphost server is not configurated for anonymous relay,then it may not allow mails to be sent to other domains over SMTP port without any authentication. And I know maybe I will work out the question if configurate the smtphost server for anonymous relay.but I wang to know if there is a way else to resolve the question.For example first authenticate user’s status,then send mail in IS.

thanks a lot

Hi All,
who can deal with my question?tell me please.
I am puzzled so that I will go crazy.
Help me ,pls.Anybody.

thanks a lot . 

kylin, have you set a name in the ‘from’ parameter this should get around the relaying issue