Trading Networks Delivery Method setup

In the past, I had setup partners for primary https protocol with the Host:port/location

However, I have a new partner that uses iSoft and it does not require a location needed to be specified. However, in TN the delivery method requires that we specify the location.

Is there a way to just specify the IP:Port and omit the location field?


I believe that you can just put a / in the field and it will work.


Hi, I’m pretty new to WebMethods. I’m hoping I can get an answer to my question.

We need to send PO’s and Invoices to a partner. The host and the ports are the same but we need to post to two different locations. One for PO’s and one for invoices. I know only one primary HTTPS can be chosen. My question is how can, if it can be done, can two locations be set up on one Delivery Method Tab? We are using WebMethods 6.1 with current service packs installed.