To login to the Workflow HTML Inbox running on Tomcat 41

hi, all, i’m beginner for webMethods workflow.
I create a project name after “Demo” and generate it . When I use the following url: http://localhost:8080/WmWFServlet/wfservlet to login to the Workflow HTML Inbox running on tomcat(I had installed the Workflow Servlet into Tomcat 4.1 by copy Workflow.war to /webapps/ ),
I type “Administrator” into Username , and Password is “manage” , and Server is “localhost:5001”, and Project Name is “Demo”, Unfortunatly, I can’t login correctly, Anyone can help me ?
David L

Hi, David L.

What is the error message you are seeing, if any? Also, what platform, versions, etc. are you using?



I had a similar problem but I got some error messages. The first one I got was:

[WKO.012.0074] Logging in to server “localhost:5001” as user “wfphoebe” failed.
[WKO.021.0038] cannot establish session with auth server

When I tried again, I would get the error that I was already logged in. The second error looked like it was coming from tomcat but I am not familiar with tomcat so I do not know how to investigate this.

I tried using new idents and found out that I’d always get the same 2 errors. I’ve tried restarting the WF server or my laptop but to no avail.

Has anyone encountered this? Any help is appreciated!

I use tomcat 4.1, WF 6.0.1 and Windows 2000.


i need the samples or examples for webmethods flow services,loop,repeat,map.please let me know if u have.


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