The five things you’ll get at conXion 2021

The shift to digital is in hyperdrive, and there’s no stopping it. The opportunities it creates are being seized by future-ready businesses—the truly connected enterprises, able to change their world and ours. At this year’s conXion, we have deconstructed the fuel that propels these businesses into a limitless future.


conXion 2021 – now available on demand – is packed with sessions that enlighten and inform about not only the potential of the truly connected enterprise, but also the innovations that underpin it and that will help it scale.

So what should you expect? Attendees of the all-virtual, on-demand event can “stroll” through a virtual exhibition space, take free product trainings, watch keynotes on the mainstage and listen in on industry panel discussions. The event in its entirety will be available until the end of 2021.

Five things you’ll get at conXion:

1. Get an expert outlook:

The mainstage features experts on connection – of the enterprise as well as our own lives. The world’s most connected man, Chris Dancy, is the event moderator, sharing his thoughts on the enterprise of tomorrow and talking to Elke Frank, our CHRO about the future of hybrid work. Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, speaks with Bernd Gross, our CTO, about what it takes to become a truly connected enterprise. And Sanjay Brahmawar, our CEO, shares his vision for enabling the truly connected enterprise to change the business world as we know it.

2. Hear industry insights:

conXion convenes industry leaders across government, manufacturing and comms & media in three candid roundtable discussions.

3. Peek at our product innovations!

conXion gives unprecedented access to the innovations in our product pipeline through the end of the year and beyond. Our product leaders have the green light to share their plans for Adabas & Natural, Alfabet, ARIS, Cumulocity IoT, TrendMiner and webMethods platforms.

4. Professional matchmaking:

Get an introduction to peers who can help take your career to the next level. conXion features networking sessions that introduce attendees to others who share a similar professional background or tech focus.

5. See customer and partners at their best:

Learn how some of the most connected enterprises are making the most of their connections. Take a tour behind the scenes of their digital transformations. Then take their best practices and make them your own.

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