Table name should not be period for webMethods adapters

Hi all,
As per the documentation for the jdbc adapter :

(The table name must not contain a period. If the table name does
contain a period, Developer or Designer will throw a Java
exception.) :shock:

Is there any reason for this, I have n’t find the reason for this in the documentation. :?:
Can anyone tell this, this is just a best practice, its not a requirement of clients. :roll:


Did you mean the table name should be for eg. SAMPLE.TABLE ???

I am sure that your SQL developer will not allow you to create a table by name “SAMPLE.TABLE”. You will receive a validation error : saying it contains an illegal character

Its a best practice and it is not advised to include period (.) during table creation.

One more reason is ..

Can you tell me your issue/concerns.

In Oracle par example the period is interpreted as a separator between schema and table name.

webMethods itself interprets the period as hierarchy separator in DocTypes.
I had some difficulties in the past especially regarding Adapter-generated DocTypes.


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It’s nearly the same in MS SQL Server and Sybase. Table name structure is database.owner.table.
So having additional . in a table name is not advised and should not be done either in any other database.

Hi all,
Thanks for your replies. My doubt is regarding the table name “period” ,but not the symbol (.).

When we created a table with a name “period” , then Developer or Designer should display the list of tables(including this table) in the selection panel of an Adapter service.

But I’m to see the remaining tables ( except period).
In documentation we have this as note.
Can anyone explain the reason please, thanks in advance.

Hi Holger von Thomsen , your answer is impressive. Can you please elaborate a bit please.

@ bejagam,

Do you bet? :smiley:

Period (.) confused us :lol: No worries…

I created a table by name “PERIOD” and I can see and select this table in the adapter service. Not sure why you are not able to see/select!

I checked the documentation and it says “The table name must not contain a period. If the
table name does contain a period, Designer will throw an error.”

They talk about table name not the actual table.

Let me know if you have any questions.