Survey question for AXIS 1.4 usage in MWS.

Team : If you are asking what the heck is AXIS 1.4 ? You can ignore the rest of the message and get back to your world…

We (from RnD and PM) are currently planning to upgrade Axis 1.4 to Axis 2.0. This in general will have impact on customer if they are using web service client using WSDL file generated for axis 1.4 (RPC/encoded). Potentially could break backward compatibility and to account for such is very expensive (custom converters for SOAP messages etc). As such I would like to avoid if the usage pattern is limited to none. So the question is:

Has anyone used these WSDL s to create a client? . Documentation can be found here - page 116

• Extracting the WSDL for the Task Web Service: To obtain the WSDL, log on to My webMethods Server as sysadmin and navigate to:

If you have can you please drop in a line ? Your time and response is much appreciated. Please send your response to: