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Just wait! This is not about ChatGPT/OpenAI. It is the tool recently discovered by the Integration team and we are just “exploring” it. This article talks about the new way of creating a workflow in the product which is offered by Software AG. The workflow creation is done using a basic description. Instead of doing a lookup to each & every service/connector/trigger & reading a lot of documentation, this capability in Integration provides easy access to build an integration in their platform.


You must have this capability added to your Integration tenant.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to Integration product.
  2. Navigate to your project section.
  3. While adding the workflow, you will be getting one “description” box, where in you can type your problem statement.
  4. Using the NLP process, it suggests you some services/utilities from their connector catalog. You can proceed with your selection.
  5. Next, your workflow is created! Just customize a little bit according to your requirement & execute :wink:


Not only it creates workflows but it also suggests recipes matching the description


screen-capture (14)

Next Step

So, instead of creating a workflow from scratch, try using the “Guided Integration” capability by Integration.


  1. The tool is capable of suggesting only those services which are built by Software AG.
  2. The accuracy is all dependent upon the correctness of the prompt provided by the end user.

Excellent functionality to help user in a flying start to build workflows. Building more onto this functionality will be a game changer.
Excellent work!!!

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Hi Sonal, this is amazing.
How can one have that capability enabled?

Hi @toni.petrov , You can raise a request ticket to our operation team, they will surely help you to add this capability asap. We are planning to rollout this feature to all our customers for preview in 10.16.2 release :slight_smile:

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