Strange behavior when disabling a notification (JDBCAdapter on 10.5)


I found a strange behavior in 10.5 and I would like to know if anyone has noticed the same.

I have a normal insert notification (using JDBCAdapter on a MSSQL server), which is running correctly.

I have it suspended, and the events keep accumulating in the buffer table, as they should.

Now I want to disable it, removing all database objects.
But instead, it sends all the events to the IS before destroying the database objects.

I would expect all the events would be destroyed and never reach the IS.

I didn’t find any description of this in the documentation.

What do you see in your systems?
Thank you.

Best regards,

So is this your disable state flow?

From Enable–>Suspended (event’s still exists and obj’s not destroyed) -->Disable (during this steps events have still flown before the obj’s get fully destroyed) happening in v10.5 instances only?