Start / Stop timer for async command interval at clientside

Hi All,

I want to start/stop the timer for Async Command Interval control at client side (based on user interaction with the screen).

  1. used setDisabled() method to disable the async command interval control on user interaction with a button. But it did not stop the timer and continuing the async call to server side action.
  2. Not sure how to use start() and stop() methods defined in CAF.Command.Interval.Model (Tried using with below syntax but has thrown javascript error - Reference error: s is not defined).
function methodName(){
}, false);

Do you guys have any idea how to start / stop timer for this control?

Environment: webMethods 7.1.3


I believe the javascript error when calling the CommandInterval stop() method is a known issue that was already fixed in later releases of MWS (8.0+).

If you are not able to upgrade to MWS 8.x, and you require a fix for the earlier release you will need to open an SR with support. You can reference defect MWS-2654 to expedite the issue analysis for the support engineer.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your comments. Will raise an SR to get a fix for this issue.