Splitting Flat Files


So, it worked when you changed the delimiter to ~E for the tokenize service.I think it’ll work only if there is no ‘E’ in the middle of the string.I tested it with the following input to tokenize service:
But it gave 4 valueList entries because there is a ‘E’ in the last S entry.
Let us know the solution you got so that it’ll help others in future.


I mean yes you are correct. I meant to say I used “~” as the delimiter, updated the mainframe file and I get the tokens correctly. I hope the ~ change gets approved. :slight_smile: If not I will have to look for another solution.

If the change to ‘~’ as the delimiter is not approved you can still use the file as it is. When you call the tokenize service you would either not set the input for delimiter or set it to nothing. Ramesh’s service has an example of doing this. Glad you got it working.


Thank You all for helping me out! I have learned a lot. FYI: This is my first webMethods project. Many thanks again!

I ran into one problem I will have to give up the “E” if I want to use the “~”. I would need the E or the ~ after tokenizing. Is it possible to retain the delimiter after split?

After all got the ~E approved so I am good to go. Thank You!