Software AG Customers - Stewards of The Future

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Software AG has a very active community of customers, partners and employees. Frequent interactions between members of the community happen every day, whether it’s a simple phone call, email or a visit to the Tech Community. But every now and then, opportunities such as ProcessWorld and the IUG meeting arise to bring customers together face-to-face to exchange ideas and have fun.

ProcessWorld 2012
ProcessWorld 2012 was BIGGER than ever! Nearly 1000 participants from more than 30 countries convened in Orlando, Florida to explore, discover and understand the most captivating developments taking place in the world of technology. Cloud, big data, mobile, and social dominated the event and received an enthusiastic response from attendees. 

During ProcessWorld 2012, customers got their first glimpse of the newly released ARIS 9.0 and webMethods 9.0.  ARIS 9.0 now brings the power of social to business process improvement by allowing a significantly broader set of corporate skills and experiences to contribute to process design and testing. ARIS customers are now able to collaborate using the cloud, mobile devices and social media. 

webMethods 9.0 focuses on uniting the management of Big Data from any source with automated business processes and applications deployed in the cloud, on mobile devices or in-house. By combining In-memory, Cloud, Mobile and Social technologies, webMethods 9.0 allows customers to have micro-second access to huge amounts of data, distributing the relevant information to any device and providing the required level of business responsiveness to successfully react to new business opportunities. 

Among the many demonstrations, customers saw how they can receive both e-mail and Twitter notifications on their mobile phones using the webMethods Suite. According to product manager, Matt Green, the demos were well-received. Seven customers asked to sign up for the ECR-program.

For the first time, the attendees had the unique opportunity to meet with experts one-on-one to discuss their technical and business questions around processes, integration and data management. More than 120 meetings took place with 21 experts and very often the discussions continued beyond the open meeting hours.

But it wasn’t all work and no play.  Customers were treated to a fun-filled evening of food, drinks, super-heroes and roller coasters at Universal Studios' Marvel Islands of Adventure. 

Curious to learn more?

International User Group
On Tuesday, December 4th, customers from around the world met in Darmstadt for the annual meeting of Software AG’s International User Groups. There they learned and contributed ideas about Software AG’s product portfolio and recent innovations with Software AG’s CTO, Dr. Wolfram Jost, and reviewed many research projects underway with Dr. Walter Waterfeld, Senior Architect for Research.

Following up on one of the hot topics covered at ProcessWorld, Guido Falkenberg, SVP Data Management, reviewed the strategy and vision for In-Memory Management of Big Data. Jürgen Powik, Director of University Relations, provided an update on the latest activities between Software AG and various universities. And I had a lively discussion about the many new Tech Community features now available to the global Software AG community.

Mark your Calendar!  The next IUG Conference will be held in Barcelona June 17-21, 2013

We reviewed user group activities of the past year and discussed plans for 2013. The president of the US user group also joined the conversation via teleconference.

Bringing the old meaning back into “Social”, IUG organizer and moderator, Bernd Gudat, took all participants on a tour of the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC). Much like the ESOC, which has planned missions, operated more than 60 satellites and ensured that spacecraft meet their mission objectives, the IUG serves as stewards of Software AG’s technology strategy ensure their mission objects are also met.

Tech Community
ProcessWorld was also a great success for the Tech Community team. We registered many new members, helping us reach and surpass our 2012 goal of reaching 20,000 Tech Community users.

A large part of the enthusiasm for the Tech Community stems for the continuous evolution of the Tech Community with new features, more content, and exciting opportunities to collaborate more with community members. New features added in the second half of 2012 include:

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to use the Tech Community on your mobile device.  The first release will include product news and the forums as shown in Figure 1. Try it out with your smart phone or tablet now.

Jump in and be an active member of the Software AG Global Community. Share your ideas on the Tech Community, post a message on your board, join a discussion thread and plan to meet us in San Francisco, California next October 8-10 for ProcessWorld 2013!

Figure 1: SoftwareAG Tech Community goes Mobile