SOAP Provider


Would like to ask the gurus if there is a provision to expose an API as SOAP provider on webMethods Cloud. I was not able to find in any option, only consumption is possible.
Any help would be great, as this is a blocker.


Support for SOAP provider is not available in Integration Cloud. It is planned for the upcoming release in April.

Thanks for the response. But do you see a possibility of implementing the same using Hybrid model, On-Prem + Cloud?
Like providing a service from On-Prem and upload to Cloud as docker service and then ask the 3rd party application to hit?

P.S. On-Prem is not accessible outside it’s secured realm, the only connection is with wMIC.

This option is available. It is called cloud deployment, wherein the artifacts created in on-premise IS can be uploaded to the cloud and made accessible to external parties in the cloud. This is a licensed feature in IntegrationCloud, please get in touch with the sales team to enable it for your tenancy.