Snowflake-webmethod-workspan integration

How can we connect webMethods to workspan to push a large csv data .can some one help here

This is a broad solutioning question, which makes it difficult to answer :slight_smile:

I see an iPaaS Connector for Workspan and it supports bulk data integration. I assume that your question is about on-prem, so I’d suggest that you start with Workspan’s capabilities and see what type of integrations it supports for file transfer/exchange.

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Hi Nikhil,

SoftwareAG does have both inbound and outbound Webmethod’s integration with Workspan. These webMethods workflows are currently owned and are maintained by SoftwareAG itself.

Please elaborate further on this requirement and we can connect you to the team as well.

Thank you.

Hi Both ,

I am working on the workspan connector in webmethod to import a csv file from amazon s3 to workspan.

I am having all the configuration done in workspan , provided the env,client id and secret and env.

But while using the API (bulk load , bulk oppurtunity ) from workspan while uploading a file to workspan, the webmethod is getting time out exception.

I am just inserting a single record into workspan.

Can you please suggest if there is anything i am misiing out …

Attaching the screenshot for refernce.


Can you test the connectivity and permissions, to ensure that there’s no issue there?
Are there any error messages or log entries that you can share?


hi Kasi,

I have tested the connectivity and permission to workspan ,

While selecting the bulk load or bulk oppurtunity and i am able to see the integration id in integration id drop down.

But while pushing csv or json the connector was not giving any response, resulting in timeout.


This may need a further investigation - do open a support ticket.


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