Showcase Demos at CeBIT 2017

Bringing Digital Transformation to Life

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CeBIT is the world's largest IT trade show, making it the place to be if you want to see the latest innovations from industry leaders. Software AG's theme at CeBIT this year was “Unleash your Vision,” and that's because our goal is to inspire you to build your own innovative solutions. The event was a great place to see how Software AG makes your digital transformation initiatives possible.

If you were not able to attend, you missed some exciting demos and showcases. There were literally dozens of workstations with product demos and special showcase demos that were created by Software AG employees and partners. Here are a few of the highlights:

LEGO® Smart Factory

One of the most popular demos at the event was the LEGO Smart Factory, which is a collaborative project by Software AG, LEGO and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

The showcase is an automated tractor factory built with LEGO. What sets the LEGO Smart Factory apart is that it is based on the ARIS 10 business process analysis platform. It uses ARIS process models to define the complete manufacturing and delivery process for LEGO tractors. CeBIT attendees got to participate in the process by choosing the style and color of tractor they wanted to build through the use of the ARIS Mobile user interface, and then they monitored their vehicles as they moved through the assembly line to customer delivery.

In addition to building the process on ARIS, the demo showcases ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM) for monitoring the entire assembly process and ARIS Aware for monitoring relevant KPIs to identify ways to optimize the process in the future.

The LEGO Smart Factory is a great illustration of how Software AG can help you refine and improve your processes over time and, in so doing, transform your business and industry.

LEGO® Smart Factory Demo Powered by ARIS

IoT Edge Analytics - Industry 4.0 Demo

Another exciting showcase was the IoT Edge Analytics demo that also used a factory setting to highlight how Software AG can help you transform the manufacturing process.

This demo illustrates the principles of Industry 4.0 by using IoT analytics and monitoring, combined with automation, to create agile and responsive automated processes.

What makes this demo unique is that the parts or products being manufactured contain their own sensors. Using these sensors, the manufactured items can tell the Industry 4.0 factory what steps come next in the assembly process.

For example, based on the health of the different areas of the factory, the manufactured items can be diverted from one belt to another to avoid problem areas or to improve production speed.

To make this demo possible, Software AG's teams used Apama to monitor the factory's edge gateway, meaning that the individual areas of the factory were able to limit the data that needs to be sent to the central data facilities. Instead, they are able to make decisions locally, saving time and increasing efficiency. This is important because moving large quantities of data, such as sensor data in the world of IoT, is expensive, and in many cases is not practical or efficient. This demo also uses Universal Messaging to send MQTT message events to initiate each step in the factory process, and Mashzone NextGen as a dashboard to monitor the health of the system.

The IoT Edge Analytics demo is a great illustration of how IoT and digitalization are making it possible to transform your business.

Industry 4.0 Demo Powered by Apama

Hybrid Integration and "Lift & Shift"

Another topic that got a lot of interest was the webMethods "Lift & Shift" demo where we showed how customers can move webMethods implementations to the cloud quickly, enabling hybrid cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premises integrations.

In the past few years, many CIOs have mandated that their companies move a larger percentage of their software to the cloud. To meet these demands, many of Software AG's customers are looking for ways to easily isolate, package and move their webMethods implementations into public or private clouds. We call this model Lift & Shift because customers are literally lifting their existing projects and shifting them to the cloud.

Software AG recently launched a new product called webMethods Integration Cloud: Container Edition that enables customers to package their projects as Docker® containers, upload them to the cloud, and then deploy instances of these projects as needed. Not only can customers run full integration projects, they can even deploy individual services or packages to create microservices architectures, fully managed in webMethods cloud.

In the demo we showed how to package webMethods projects as Docker containers, upload them into the cloud, and then manage webMethods integration projects directly within webMethods Integration Cloud.

These were just a few of the showcases available at CeBIT this year. See where we're headed next at