Setup of parallel environment for upgrade project with same fix level.

We are planning to upgrade our wM environment from 8.2.2 to 9.8. As part of upgrade pre-requisite, we need to install latest fixes in current 8.2.3 environment.

To install latest fixes in our development/test environment we need downtime for fix installation and testing, since most of the component will get impacted with this as we are bit on older fix level in 8.2.2.

In the current development/test environment, we have critical development projects in progress which cannot afford downtime during the fix installation.

Hence we were planning to set-up a parallel development/test environment for fix installation, which will be on the same fix level of current dev/test environment. We see a challenge of creating an image or installing an environment to the same patch level as we have in current environment, as we can download only a new image with all latest fixes from Empower.

Can somebody pls suggest what would be best way to setup parallel environment with current fix level in Dev/Test? Also can we have a different strategy on doing this fix installation in current DEV/TEST without impacting the on-going Development projects.

Any kind of help is much appreciated.

Assuming you are on Linux/Unix-Simply copying the files will copy the installations-fixes and all

1.Create a clone of your Database schemas
2.Copy the Dev Installation to another Location.If your code has a lot of file System References,then you may consider creating the copy in another machine.(Which will become your new dev Machine)
3.Update the jdbc pools from the backend in the newly created schema clones.
4.Bring up the new Dev Server and voila ,you have a new parallel dev environment that is the carbon copy of your original.


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Hello Varghese,

Thanks for your detailed response. One query here, any idea, if this would work in Windows system(copying the installation folder) as well?


Im sure about Linux.not so much about windows–you could try and report back



for Windows this might work when the servers are installed as Applications.

Remember to adjust the directory references in the startup/shutdown-scripts as well as the other configuration files.

When installed as Services this will become more difficult as the service configuration will not be replicated in the registry.

If you run the UpdateManager from Command Line you can add an option “-showalllFixes true” and see if you can access the neccessary fixes. If not, contact SAG Support for assistance (hopefully you have an Extended Maintenance Agreement in place).

On the other side it turned out to be a good practice to keep older versions of the Fix Image as backup for such cases.



Moving the SAG directory from one window machine to other window machine should work as well.
Earlier we have worked on this and it worked for me successfully.

PFA doc which contain all the necessary details which need to be performed as part of moving the SAG installation from windows to windows.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Prime Guide - Moving an existing wM installation to a new host and database.docx (178 KB)

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