Service Header


I need to change “service header” mapping in rosettanet. Could anyone please let me know where i can find sevice header mapping.

Any help would be appreciated.

Whats your IS/RN version? You can’t update one to one mapping RNO header but from there are some settings (RN PIP info) in the TN TPA where you can adjust and play with it:

Please take the help of SAG support and they can assist you better:


Thanks for your reply,

I am using IS 7.1.1 version. I am getting RNO service header as:


which is nothing but the RN version. I want pip version here. In TPA for this document processVersion is V11.10 and transportVersion is 1.1

In tn document type pipeline matching process version is v11.10.

Could you pleas help me how can I change VersionIdentifier to ‘pipVersion’