Service cache was not reset after reloading the package

Hi Team,

wM Version: 9.7
Blaze Version: 9.6

When we deployed the Blaze rule change in lower env, we reloaded the package of the blaze rule and WmRules. The Blaze has given updated result.

We deployed the same build to the production and reloaded the same packages.

However, Blaze rule was giving the old values instead of new values. I could see service level cache has been enabled for the wrapper service where we invoke the blaze and cache expires every 24 hours.

Please help me to understand the below queries.

  1. As per my knowledge, the package reload operation reset the service cache under that package. Please confirm.
    Its working in lower env and we deployed few Blaze builds with the same operation. However, we got above mentioned issue first time. Team said, they reloaded the packages and they saw the success response on IS.

  2. Cache expires for 24 hrs means, if we don’t reset the cache manually for 24 hrs, then only the cache will be expired and get the new values. Else, irrespective of the service reset cache manually, does the cache expires every 24 hrs based on the server time.

  3. As i said, the cache expiry time is 24 hrs set in designer. However, i could see Blaze rule is being invoked multiple times directly in less than 24 hrs instead of fetching the data from the service cache.