Saving workspace Layout with respect to User


I have a scenario, to create 3 default workspaces and give access to all the Users on the Save workspace. The workspaces have been enabled with ACL on all the Users. It is a 3 column layout and the user can drag the portlets and position them where ever he wants to do so. In the end , the user should be able to save the layout.

  1. Can we have save the layout with respect to the user and parse the layout , when the user logs in to the System?

  2. We go to know another option of replicating the same workspaces for all the Users , and let the user Save the workspace with whatever layout he wants. This can be done by cloning the workspaces, across all the users.

I wanted to avoid the 2nd option, as it may invlove in creating and managing many resources.

The workspace layout information is stored as part of the workspace and can’t be easily stored and parsed on a per-user basis.

Your closest approach would be to clone a base template workspace for each user, then each user owns and manipulates their own copy.