SAP Adapter choice not showing up in menu

After the install of the SAP Adapter (un-ziping SAP.ZIP into the packages directory after shutdown of the Integration Server) the SAP Adapter choice doesn’t show up in the Integration Server Adapter menu after startup, although it does show up as active in the Package management section.

If the home page is chosen there I initially received some error about a web type link related to the menu icon missing, each attempt afterwards no longer shows the error, but I receive java issues.

class java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Message com/sap/mw/jco/JCO
Service sap.admin.server:settings

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas?


The SAP package contains jars and a native library that need to be loaded by the system classloader to operate properly. Unfortunately they can only be ‘discovered’ at startup of the Integration Server. Restart your Integration Server and everything should work properly.


I have restarted and reloaded a number of times. WebMethods was able to duplicate the issue on one of their servers and is working on identifying the cause.

It might be JRE/JDK version related 1.3.1

I’ll follow up for the record when a solution is found, unless someone does it before I do.



What IS version are you using? We are currently upgrading from 4.6 to 6.0.1, and have found that some changes in 6.0.1 (eg SAP adapter not visible from the admin console) do not take affect until you recreate the IS service.

P.S. we are using IS 6.0.1 on Sun JDK 1.3.1_09

Hi Walter,

Make sure you have installed WmPartners package that is required for SAP adapter. I faced the similar problem. The package can be installed using the installer…check under compatability option (if I am not mistaken).


Many of you are correct with your suggestions, confirming that I previously didn’t waste my time checking those possible causes, although in my case none of them have been the correct one in this case. The only possible exception is the recreation of the service, which is something I have not manually done, and which may remain even after a complete reinstall of the systems with the newest options from WebMethods website. Although since I did uninstall the application and reinstall it, I am not sure if the service was removed during the uninstall.

WebMethods suggested that what they thought was the same issue which I was experiencing seemed to be a glitch solve by a reboot which didn’t work in my case.

Martin, can you provide information as to how you recreated the IS service? I am assuming you used a WebMethods tool and did not write code, although maybe you used sc,instsrv.exe/regedit or srvinstw.exe.

net stop servicename
net start servicename

Thanks to everyone,


P.S. - After all this, I suppose it could be something I missed in the documentation.

  1. Open cmd window and navigate to …/IntegrationServer/support/win32 folder.
  2. Run installSvc.bat unreg
  3. From the same cmd window run installSvc.bat

Hi Walter,
Did you perform the following step from the install guide?

Navigate to the Integration Server_directory\packages\SAP\code\libs directory
and move the librfc32.dll file from that directory to your
%SystemRoot%\System32 directory.

If you already have a sap gui installed on the server make sure you replace the old librfc32.dll (Rename the existing librfc32.dll file or copy it to another directory.)

A full server restart could be needed to make it work.

Best Regards,
Sander Brinkhuis

see SAP Note 516504 they have a patch for this condition.

Thanks Sander. Thankfully I did that earlier.

John… I think this SAP note is the key. I’ve been doing this type of work to long to have failed to consider SAP patches as well, although subconsciously I figure that since SAP BC comes with the SAP adapter already installed that this would not be there problem… Maybe they change that. In any case this seems to be it.

Thanks!!! I owe everyone lunch. (As long as I pick the place.)

Here is the note… I don’t recall any issues with posting this information… in any case you need access to obtain the patch and it is helpful to know if you run into the problem.

You have installed the Business Connector 4.6 as a “Windows NT Service” or a “Win2000 Service”. When you start the Business Connector, the following symptoms can be observed:

  1. The error log shows a message
    “Could not load middleware layer
    no jRFC12 (jRFC12.dll) in java.library.path”.
    Because of this the SAP Adapter cannot be started and the menu button “SAP” is missing in the Administrator UI.

  2. When issuing a “Restart” command, the Business Connector is shutting down completely and not restarting.

Additional key words
Restart, Shutdown, Background Process

Cause and preconditions
This problem is caused by starting the java.exe background job in a wrong way: the system path, which is set in server.bat, is not known to the process and also exit return codes from the process are not handed back to the batch file.

Shutdown the Business Connector from the admin UI. Then install the latest CoreFix for BC 4.6 (please see note 541590 for this).

When you now start the Windows Service, it should work ok.



Additional notes…

The issue is also resolved by disabling the webMethods Windows Service and starting the IS Server directly by the batch file…

server.bat -log none -debug 6

The SAP Adapter menu choice then appears, but will disappear as soon as you use the webMethods Windows service again.

Also some of the issues we had also seem related to the space involved in the default install directory below “Program Files”. the space within the path name causes issues. You might wish to install off the root directory rather than the default directory under “Program Files”.

webMethods also does not encourage using SAP BC patches, these are suppose to be included in the SAP Adapter Service Patches you obtain from webMethods.

Just thought the additional information would help.


P.S. - This was all done on a Windows 2000 Server with all avaliable/released Windows 2000 Server Patches as of the week of 11/17/03. New patches = possibly new problems.

Another note…

Recreating the service didn’t work but it was a step in the right direction.

See notes above for solutions.

Additional patches are expected to follow.



another note on potential problems with SAP Adapter 4.6 installation… on WM Advantage site there is a FAQ that says:

“The instructions imply that Product Version 6.20 of librfc32.dll is required only if SAP GUI is also installed; however, note that you must have 6.20, even if you do not have SAP GUI installed.”

Please note the word ‘must’. I had read the instructions in the WM install guide carefully, and also assumed that ‘if’ meant ‘if’.

As a footnote to this issue, we have been having the same issue when starting wM from a service (no issue when starting from server.bat. We had librfc32.dll in the %SystemRoot%\System32, but it seems wM could not find it, we have found this issue recently with other adapters and this is how we resolved it and reported it back to wM on the SR opened for the SAP adapter:

"It seems that when running webMethods as an NT service, sometimes it does not pick up the path correctly. When this happens, you need to specifically put the path in the server.bat. For example, in this case the SAP adapter needs to find LIBRFC32.dll in the %SystemRoot%\System32 directory. Even though webMethods reports that %SystemRoot%\System32 directory is in the path, it seems not to find it when the server is starting the SAP adapter. To correct this problem I changed the following in the server.bat:

set PATH=%PATH%;%IS_DIR%\support\win32;%IS_DIR%\jvm\bin\classic;%IS_DIR%\lib;

to read :

set PATH=%PATH%;%IS_DIR%\support\win32;%IS_DIR%\jvm\bin\classic;%IS_DIR%\lib;c:\winnt\system32;

Then restarted the server and now we are starting webMethods as an NT service and it works great… no SAP adapter problems."

We are currently using in 6.0.1.we unable to restart the server from admin console.Some time we are unable to fine JDBC connection Poll