Restart a conversation from TN BUG


I use wM IS 4.6.

I have a conversation script generated by BI.
This script is fired by a myCanonical.xml document.

When my TNS receive this document , the conversation script is fired, and all the conversation work well.

But if I had an error, I would like to restart this conversation (after error resolution …).
An that’s the problem : I can’t restart a conversation from TN > Conversations.

The first step of my conversation script is a BizDocToRecord.
This service was generated by BI.
Its inputs are:

documents (Record)
- myCanonical (String)

roles (Record)

parameters (Record)

I insert a savepipeline in this service and I see that when the conversation is fired for the first time, the field document/myCanonical contains a document ID (wM internal ID).
But when I restart this conversation, the documents Record in Input is empty ! (no doc ID)

So the document that fired the conversation can’t be get back from the database and the restart fail at the first step !

There is a branch condition (auto-generated by BI) on %/documents/myCanonical% before the “view” service.

Anyone has the same problem ?
Is it a Conversation script error?
Is it a IS bug ?

Thanks for your help.


I find the answer.
In my step BizDocToRecord, the first service is "view’.
If you want to restart conversations, you have to never drop from the pipeline the Output of this view step.

Strange no ?