[REST] Strings as measurement data not possible?

Hi folks,

my goal is to transfer string measurement data.

Using REST to send such data I receive the following server response when trying to send strings:
“message”: “Only numbers are supported as measurement values”

Is this really a limitation of the platform?
In other words: Are strings only supported within events but not in measurements?

Thanks a lot

I would be very happy if anyone could give a quick reply here.
I assume that there is someone out there, that knows if strings are supported as measurement data :wink:

This is still open :frowning:

please can u add an example?

Hi Andreas,

sorry for the late reply. It is true that a measurement can only be a numeric value.

best regards

Ok, danke für die Info. Schade :slight_smile:
Ist das irgendwie auf der Roadmap, dass das künftig kommt?

Hi Andreas,

at the moment this is not on the roadmap.

best regards