REST implementation using JSON

Hi All,

I am working on a REST service which is having JSON as input while i am posting the json request from postman in Designer 9.9 there is a place where we have DocumentList( named as Role) inside a Document(named as RoleBasedContacts) that is populating as a blank string List, please refer attached screenshot for more details.

The json message looks like :

“TestLookupRqst”: {
“yfc:RequestHeader”: {
@ApplicationID”: “ABC”,
@ApplicationName”: “DEF”,
@ChangeInitiator”: “OPP”,
@Company”: “XYZ”,
@Country”: “IND”,
@DateTime”: “2015-07-15T11:03:14”,
@Division”: “IND”,
@Group”: “IND_GRP”,
@IPAddress”: “”,
@Location”: “”,
@MsgRequiredFlag”: “N”,
@RecordCount”: “1”,
@ReqMode”: “04”,
@SearchTypeCode”: “10100”,
@SystemID”: “ABC”,
@TransType”: “TEST_LOOKUP”,
@TransactionID”: “12345abcde”,
@UserID”: “USR1”,
“yfc:Customer”: {
@CustomerID”: “123456”,
@OrganizationCode”: “IND”
“yfc:RoleBasedContacts”: {
“Role”: [
@Count”: “20”,
@Name”: “ABCDEF”
@Count”: “2”,
@Name”: “INDIA”

Can anyone please help me to get the solution of this issue.