Requirement : To stop the wMsession logging for specific JMS triggers


We are using Audit logging for all the services in Database. Whenever a JMS trigger is invoked from any means, a wMsession log is created for the start and stop sessions. This Triggers are invoked very frequently and occupying 90% of wMSession table.

We want to disable specific JMS triggers(not all) session logging so that they wont write in wMsession table.

Please advise, is there any option in Webmethods to stop the session logging for few services to not write in wMsession table.


Hi Sree,

I am not sure, but this might get complex.

Are you aware of the archiving feature in WmMonitor?

By archiving/deleting old entries you can reduce the size of the audit tables.

See Monitor Users Guide for further information.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response!

Yes, we are aware of the process of purging wMSession DB table, but we are not considering that approach as that is not our requirement.

As I posted, the requirement is to reduce the JMS triggers sessions in wMSession DB or completely disable all the JMS triggers sessions (not all services).

SoftwareAG suggested the below approach:
You may want to use the extended setting watt.server.trigger.reuseSession=true . This will mean that triggers will share sessions if appropriate, and hence the number of sessions will reduce.

We are testing this.

Apart from that if anyone having idea on to disable the JMS triggers sessions logging. please provide some insights