Request routing from API Gateway to an Integration Server


We are planning to setup the API and Integration platform which will co-exist with our existing on-premise webMethods setup. I require some clarification on how the connectivity between the wM on-premise setup and the cloud platforms will work.
The on-premise Integration Server can connect to the webMethods cloud by establishing an outbound connectivity from the on-prem IS to the webMethods cloud. This enables us to push services and/or packages from on-premise setup to Integration to run them in the cloud.
What I am unsure about is how the connectivity between API and our on-premise IS will work. Does a firewall rule needs to be established from API Gateway to our on-prem IS to route requests from API Gateway to IS? Or will it be an outbound connection from IS to the API Gateway similar to the reverse proxy setup which works for an on-prem API Gateway?


Hi Vaibhav,

At the moment, the onPremise IS has to open up its firewall to allow the particular IP using which API Gateway Cloud will be connecting to the OnPremise endpoint. But there is a feature in the API Gateway Cloud roadmap to achieve this onPremise connectivity by a different mechanism which will not require this whitelisting of IP in the OnPremise.

Karthik G