Remove the vertical line from tree toggle control

Hi Experts ,

I have a requirement in tree implementation. We are using tree toggle control for a column that has multiple versions of a document. The document versions are sort in ascending order .
Please refer to the screen shot attached. I want to remove the vertical line highlighted by yellow color between the seperate documents.

Could you please suggest how can i achieve this. These documents are not related to each other, so there is no sense of having this link between the documents.

I checked for the properties of tree toggle control , but could not find any solution.

Kindly help.

Thanks & Regards,

I don’t think the line suggests any relationship between the rows. The tree UI indicates those are siblings, not children.

It looks to me that the “Tree Toggle” control java code does have support for supplying custom images for the tree, but those properties don’t appear to have bubbled up to be visible in the view editor in Designer. That is probably easily correctable in a fix.

If you need that to be corrected, then this issue probably needs to be formally tracked. Could you please help by filing an SI (Support Incident) with GS (Global Support)? Please include all the necessary information so that GS may record and also review for any other issues that match. If GS needs to create an iTrac, then whichever R&D engineer handles this case will be expecting a clear description of the issue, logs and any other details in order to efficiently be able to help. Providing this info in the beginning will make the process go faster.