Remedy integration [using web services]

Hello, can someone share any experience on integration with Remedy action request system? We need to build interface between Remedy and Siebel, and plan to use web service. Web service is totally new to us, does webmethodsd have any document on how to use web service?
Thanks, Hong.


webMethod provides two documents, the Web Service’s Developer’s Guide and the SOAP Developer’s Guide, that address creating web services using webMethods IS. They are found in the webm_home\Developer\doc\guides folder.

Do the versions of Siebel and Remedy that you will be working with already provide web services interfaces? If so, you can generate crude, fragile, but working Flow services that will consume those services using the Web Services Connector wizard in Developer. You’ll need a copy of the WSDL that describes the services exposed by your vendor to do this.


We recently did an integration with Remedy using their set of exposed web services. Actually in Remedy you have to use their forms thing to generate the web services and the corresponding WSDL. Our remedy team handled that part and then handed the WSDL off to us.

Instead of letting the end user (in your case Siebel) invoke these web services directly we creating an abstract service(doc/literal web service) that we exposed for our consuming system. That way it was not talking directly to Remedy. We made this higher level service very abstract and we now how multiple consuming applications that are using it in different ways. We felt this was more robust, promoted greater reusability and shielded the down stream users from Remedy changes and upgrades.


Can anyone plz send the wM Web Service’s Developer’s Guide.pdf & soap developers guide.pdf.