Reload import template view


I have two portlet pages (A & B). B is a form and imported into A.

Page B would be rendered in A whenever a dropdown option in Page A is selected.

I would like to reset all the client side data and reload/refresh Page B contents from server whenever the dropdown option is selected.

At the moment, when the dropdown option is selected page B is getting rendered but not resetting the data. (It displays the previous state of this page).

What is the best way to reset the imported template view when it is rendered on selection of the dropdown option?

Kind regards,

Hi Raja,

Have you tried toggling the render property of the child portlet.

Set the render property of portlet of the block it belongs to with a variable and look for specifc value (say, true/false).
And on the change event trigger the action which updates the property and refresh the block which holds the child portlet.