This is more of a philosophical question, intended to provoke discussion.

Several prominent XML developers have recently suggested that the W3C’s XML Schema Definition language (XSD) was a mistake, and that people should use RELAX NG instead. For examples, see or [url][/url]. Others (for example, [url][/url]) don’t agree, and specifically mention XQuery-based databases as a use case where RELAX NG doesn’t work so well.

So my question is, what does all this mean for Tamino? Should Software AG be considering support for RELAX NG in parts of Tamino? In particular, should the Tamino Schema Editor be able to import a RELAX NG schema, the way it can already import a DTD?


the question “should Tamino support RelaxNG” is essentially related to a business case´- which has not yet occured so far (afaik).


That’s probably a better way to phrase my question—have any Tamino users seen a business case for using RELAX NG instead of XSD?

Given that many people, including some W3C groups, are now using RNG while developing their vocabularies, I was wondering if anyone had run into a situation where they were given a schema in RNG and asked to support it with Tamino.