Regarding Swift Module 7.1.11

webMethods Swift Module SP11 (7.1.11) is missing for the SAG product suite 9.7.

webMethods Swift Module SP11 (7.1.11) is supported from Suite 10.1 onwards due to which it might be missing in 9.7.More details can be found here

Hello Harsh,

Thanks for providing the confirmation on SP11 but I still have some queries:-

  1. As you mentioned earlier that wM Swift Module SP11 is supported from wM product suite 10 onwards, then this year how we can upgrade Swift Module SP11 to a product suite 9.7. Do we need to use SP11 of product suite 10 in product suite 9.7 .
  2. If the above statement is true then, will it be compatible with the Designer and other integrated components.

Hi Karamjeet,

As 9.7 is out of maintenance and support, you would need to upgrade to the latest version of webMethods 10.7 version to leverage the latest SWIFT SP11.

Suresh. G

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