Re publishing the document or Publishing the same document more than once.

Hi All,

Is it possible to publish the same document (intermediate receive step) more than once? I tried it but business process doesn’t accept the same document more than once.

I’ve a business process (please find attached image). Job Request document kicks off the process and Job Accepted (intermediate receive step) document can published more than once.

So please advise me how to publish the same document more than once.


Call pub.publish:publish with a new document of the appropriate document type.

But it seems like your question is more “how to accept more than one document of a particular document type”. In a model, I’m not sure how/if that can be done.


Thanks for your reply. I fixed this by slightly modifying the workflow. First user has to unaccept the job in order to let another user to accept the same job. So I created the another intermediate step to pass the business process back to job accepted job.

Please find latest business process.