Query on *LINE-COUNT bounds and reset

Hello, I am having a program using maps where the Page Size is 24. I was expecting the *LINE-COUNT to be reset once it reaches the value 24, but it seems to be incrementing till 4095. The Natural documentation shows that the max value for *LINE-COUNT is 250. So not sure how that limit is getting breached, unless it’s increased recently. Also, I tried using EJECT and NEW PAGE in an effort to reset it. They also doesn’t seem to have any effect. This happens is a reusable component accessed from multiple screens. If accessed from a screen with write statements rather than a structred map, it works fine. Any thoughts?

I don’t understand this. *LINE-COUNT relates to reports (to screen or printer), not to maps. You can limit the number of lines on a report with FORMAT PS=nnn and there is a setting in the map editor to set the page size.

How and where are you displaying a *LINE-COUNT value greater than 250?

Is your common routine writing lines? Is that where you see *LINE-COUNT exceeding 250? If so, how would that routine be used by a map?

NEWPAGE simply sets a flag. *LINE-COUNT would be reset on the next WRITE.

It’s some old tool driven construct where only the shell of the map is defined (like shortcut keys and action key definitions) but the actual contents are written like a report. I used EJECT with report notation which reset it, NEWPAGE didn’t help. For debugging, I included write statement in repeat loop and moved *LINE-COUNT to a local variable for debugging. It partially solved my problem buy EJECT results in an empty page display which is not ideal.

Add my name to Ralph’s as being confused about what you are trying to do.

So you have an “object” with a skeleton of a Map. What is the object type?

Then you WRITE the skeleton? Do you use INPUT at all during the output of this process?

What are you actually trying to do? Or, are you just trying to figure out how the “tool” works?

I did this as well. *LINE-COUNT is always reset when I reach PS (page size). Also, just for the fun of it, I tried to set PS=251; promptly got an error message, which I expected.

Does the “tool” write to a work file, and that is where you are seeing a counter greater than 250? If so, what is actually being written out? Probably not *LINE-COUNT.