Pysys framework error: cep service not running

Dear colleagues,

I want to use the pysys framework to test my EPL applications with the correlator inside cumulocity. But when running the test, I get the following error:

I am not sure what the cep service really is and what the difference compared to apama-crtl microservice is. The apama-ctrl microservice was installed on my edge by default and I can execute EPL applications in cumulocity. But e.g. in the administration application under subscribed applications, I can see apama-ctrl but I cannot see an information for a running instance in the tenant as it is the case with other microservices. Additionally I cannot view any logs because this tab is completely missing, although the logs are accessable when connecting to the edge and running ‘docker logs apama-ctrl-edge’. So maybe there is an issue with this microservice. How could I remove the apama-ctrl microservice to reinstall it?

Do you know any fixes to get this cep service (or apama microservice) running?

I am using Cumulocity IoT Edge version 10.9.0.

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FWIW, this error is still referring to apama-ctrl - ‘cep’ is just the contextpath it happens to use - so the framework is claiming that it can’t find apama-ctrl in your tenant.

It might be a simple mis-configuration of the test project properties e.g. using the wrong tenant. Could you show me your pysysproject.xml ? Obviously you should redact the “CUMULOCITY_PASSWORD” property, but leave in as much as possible.

Could you also log in in the UI to the ‘edge’ tenant, and show me a screenshot of the ‘Subscribed Applications’ screen in the ‘Administration’ app?


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