Pull the data from SAP BW System and process in java

We have a demand to develop an application that attracts the statistics from SAP BW machine and show it on a Flex chart.

The Flex guy wishes the information inside the XML format. Am the middleWare man who sits in between the SAP BW and the flex. I want to drag the statistics from SAP BW machine and feed the flex components in XML.

Query: How do I want to drag the statistics from SAP BW device, technique it and convert to XML.?

Initial thoughts: 1. The SAP BW device generates a CSV report. manner that CSV record and generate the XML. essentially am a Java man, so am thinking it as a JAVA web-carrier.

Every other mind, better methods, please?

Hi Soujanya,

can you maange to reitrieve the report via a WebService call from a SAP BW Webserver?
Than you dafine a xML structure which suits the SAP requirements.

You can then transform this SAP XML structure to the Flex XML structure i.e. by using XSLT-Transform or IS Built-In mapping functionality.