Pub.client:http send String to post in the body instead of URL

Thanks a lot. That helps. I am new to Webmethods and still learning. But really appreciate all your suggestions and guidance! :slight_smile:

Or you can invoke the pub.flow:clearPipeline service where you specify the variables to be preserved in the output.

See IS Built-In-Services Reference fro details.


Not a bad suggestion. Here’s a different point of view for consideration: avoid using pub.flow:clearPipeline. Instead, always explicitly drop vars as soon as they are no longer needed.

Here are some thoughts on this from posts many moons ago that may be informative:

(The last one refers to a notion of the pipeline being “copied over from services to services” but it is not – the pipeline is a global variable pool for the thread and all services run in that thread have access to the pipeline – with exceptions for services invoked as transformers or within a scope.)

Edit: A couple of the threads referenced above mention “best practices” – there is no such thing. :slight_smile: Just practices that some find useful for their environment. You may find they work for you as well.

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Personally I don’t like clearPipeline, smacks of lazy programming :wink:

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