Profile got created without External ID

When we try to create a profile without adding any external ID’s like DUNS, Mutually Defined, phone etc…, it is getting created without any error / Warning.
Is there any way we can get warning / error msg by changing any configuration settings? My main goal is to prevent any profile creation without external ID.

Thanks in advance.

What is your IS/TN version?

Normally TN will give error/warning popup while creating profile and set’s inactive…

Please make sure you have this setting in the TN properties file:

tn.default.idType = DUNS


Hello RMG,
Our IS version is 7.1.3 & TN is 7.1.2.
Neither we are getting warning nor error, when we are trying to add a profile without any external ID.

We have the “tn.default.idType = DUNS” property in place, but still same problem.

I would like to know is there any field which we can tag it is a mandatory for any profile or anything similar in DB.

Thanks in advance.


Here is the following to make some ID mandatory:

You can fix this by doing the following:

  1. Shut-down the server.

  2. Open TN servers’s properties.cnf file. This file is located in %Server Home Dir%\packages\WmTN\config directory.

  3. Edit the file to change the value of the property tn.required.idType. It’s default value is DUNS. Change the value to whatever you want the external id type to be. For instance, if you want to use the external id type of ‘User Defined 1’ then set the value to tn.required.idType=User Defined 1 or DUNS etc…of your choice

  4. Restart the server.

If there are existing partner profiles then changing this tn.required.idType can be messy and not safe. The required idType property tells TN which external ID is the IS account name. Changing this mid-stream can mess things up for existing partners.


Hello RMG,
Thanks for your reply.
I am afraid I understood your reply correctly, seems you are suggesting how to make a particular ID type mandatory, if i change it from DUNS to say for eg: Mutually defined, every time when we create a new profile it will look for mutually defined id, otherwise it will throw error.

While testing today i found an interesting behvaior.

  1. When i am trying to create a profile thru MWS, it’s throwing an error and not allowing me to create a profile, this is what exactly i am looking for.

  2. Whereas if i try to create it thru TN console, as you said earlier it’s throwing error, creating profile and keeping it in INACTIVE state.
    But later if you want, you can change the state to ACTIVE even without adding any external ID.

So I suspect something is wrong in TN Console settings.


I am not sure that setting will work via MWS…

After update setting did you restart TNS or reload WmTN package?

Hello RMG,
MWS functionality is fine, its behaving correctly, my requirement is also the same.
But I am worried about TNConsole, coz’ that property(tn.default.idType = DUNS) was added long back infact during installation of 7.1.2 TN, so there is no question of picking up the cache value.

I am suspecting some property change will fulfill my requirement with TNConsole too. Will let you know if i am able to crack it.


Yes I understand…But did you try this setting as mentioned earlier?..check it out:

tn.required.idType=User Defined 1 or DUNS


Even after adding “tn.required.idType= DUNS” property, profile is still getting created in TN Console.

After updating property,did you reload WmTN package or restart IS/TN?


Yes,restarted the server without any luck. Checking with SAG, will update you.

Interesting…ok let the forum know the outcome:

As I mentioned earlier, worked simultaneously with SAG, and they accepted it as a bug in TN Console, they fixed it and released GA fix TNS_7.1.2_Fix11. I am yet to test it, but tested engineering fix, it worked fine.
Thanks RMG for your valuable inputs.

Great…thanks for the updating us back :slight_smile: