Process Live

Issue 1, 2014

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Process improvement is now running in the cloud

Process Live is a software-as-a-service offering that integrates social collaboration with process improvement capabilities in the cloud. It is built on proven ARIS technology that has shaped the process management discipline over the past 20 years.

Processes are your business

Processes are not just something your business does. Processes are your business. If you consider your business as the sum of its individual processes, it's obvious that you have to manage them properly. But how can you manage or even improve your processes if you don't know them? The answer is simple—you can't!
Process Live enables you to collaboratively describe, analyze and improve processes. To leverage the wisdom of the crowd, social collaboration capabilities are seamlessly integrated. So while designing a process you can ask others for help or feedback. This turns the one-way street of process publishing into an interactive dialog, increasing awareness and acceptance of process improvement initiatives.
After you improve your processes, you need to share them in your organization to make them reality. Process Live provides standard modeling notations, like Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN™) and Event-driven Process Chain (EPC), and intuitive visualizations for people without process management background to ensure a common understanding of what needs to be done. With this you can be sure that everybody is working in the same direction.

Process Live is agile

Improvement projects take too much time to set up. Everyone wants a very fast time-to-value. There is no time to go through long purchasing cycles, installations and training sessions. Process Live runs in the cloud and is set up in just a few minutes.
You can subscribe to Process Live from the online store . From there, you can dynamically scale the usage of the system based on the maturity of your project. 
Often a project starts with just a few people designing and sharing as-is processes. But when it comes to designing end-to-end processes and making concrete improvements, more and more people become involved. These users can be added to the system quickly and easily. 
To learn how to subscribe to Process Live, invite users, upload content, create models, and use social collaboration features, view our detailed video tutorials .

Process Live is social

To tap the potential of improved processes, it is not enough to just publish them in the organization. People involved in the processes need to be engaged from the first minute to increase awareness/acceptance and to ease change management once the processes are implemented. Social collaboration capabilities provided by Process Live, as shown in Figure 1, help create this awareness.
Figure 1: Social collaboration within a business context

There are dedicated groups in the social collaboration environment that focus on specific processes. This really helps to keep discussions alive and to nurture process thinking throughout your organization. Social collaboration always needs business objectives to unleash its potential and to be target oriented.
Process Live opens process management to all stakeholders and is easy to use. An extremely user-friendly interface simplifies understanding, describing and improving processes. Process Live was built on cutting-edge HTML 5 technology so it is fully accessible from mobile devices. With Process Live, anyone you choose can participate in your project, anywhere and anytime.
To leverage the wisdom of the crowd, it’s necessary that the crowd understands what you are talking about. This is why Process Live delivers the process visualizations for specific target groups, as shown in Figure 2. Since not everyone understands process models, Process Live enables users to visualize process content in step views, text descriptions or table views—all generated from the same model.

Figure 2: Process visualization with step view in Process Live

Process Live is smart

To run a smart process improvement project, you need to have a few things in place: 
  • A central process repository
  • Standard models
  • Roles and responsibilities
Central process repository
Process content needs to be stored in a central process repository to obtain end-to-end visibility. Objects in the repository must be reusable. If you use the same object for a specific IT system in all processes you will be able to analyze interrelations. If the system goes offline you only need one click of the mouse to find out which processes are affected and whom to inform. This is the basis for process analysis.
In Process Live all content is stored in a repository enabling reuse of objects. So if you use an object for a specific IT system you can re-use this object in each of your processes. Consistency is guaranteed. Your own folder structure keeps your content clear and accessible.
Standard models
Processes need to be described by standardized methods so that different teams have the same understanding. This ensures that models can be linked and easily be understood.
Many people use drawing tools to document their processes and invent their own templates and symbols. The meaning of these may be clear to them but are often unintelligible to others. Hence, they don’t form part of a corporate asset. In Process Live users can design processes following standard modeling notations like EPC or BPMN, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 3: Design, visualize and discuss process content all in the same environment
Roles and responsibilities
Processes need to be analyzed for deficiencies, risks and best practices. This only works if you have a central repository and standard models. In Process Live, reports like an RASCI chart can be used to identify roles and responsibilities in an organizational change process. Since improvement processes do not run on their own accord, it is necessary to describe who has to do what for an improvement to occur.

Get to know Process Live

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To enter for a chance to win, send an email to with Process Live in the subject field and tell us what process you would like to improve. 
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