Problems with DatabaseConfigurator 9.5


I am currently creating my database schemas for 9.5 using the graphical Database Configurator 9.5 SP1 with Fix1 for the scripts.

The Configurator is running on Solaris and the display ist forwarded via X11-Tunnel to my desktop.

I have used the same configuration approach as last year for the Configurator 7.1 SP2 with Fix8 for the scripts.

I tried two different X-Server for Windows 7 64bit: MochaX11 and MobaXterm 6.3.

As I am able to see at least the window for the Configurator UI, X11-Forwarding is working.

After creating the first schema, when trying to modify the values for the next one, the Input-Controls like text-fields do no longer react. Only the radio button, checkboxes, dropdown list, list boxes and other buttons are still working.

Even importing a saved configuration blocks the input fields. In the related Putty- or MobaXterm-Windows there are no further informations, why it is no longer possible to enter text in the appropriate fields.

I noticed that, after changing to another open Program or by opening the “Export configuration” Dialog in the Configurator this behaviour can be forced to occur.

Any Ideas?