Problem with downloading webMethods Service Designer

support of Software AG!

I registered on the site of the Tech community of the Software AG on the 15th of April. After registering I have been trying to download the webMethods Service Designer but it is still unsuccessfully.
I have missed the e-mail letter with confirmation link and haven’t click on that. There is a title with words “This link is no valid longer. Probably you already registered”.
But I still can’t download that program.
I have requested membership in the Tech community of the Software AG also on the 15th of April.
Could you help me in this situation?

With regards,
Aleksandr Piliakin

Hi ,
We are looking into your download issue & we will provide an update soon. Thanks for your patience…


Hi Aleksandr,

Sorry for the delay.

We approved your download request and now you should be able to download webMethods Service Designer.

Please try again and let me know if you still have issues.



Thanks for approving my download request! I downloaded your program successfully. Now I’m getting started with it! :grinning:

Best wishes,
Aleksandr Piliakin

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