Problem in starting a IS Server


were you able to resolve the issue?


8080 is a dedicated HTTP port. Try with some other port number and then start.


I went through this thread, and found some suggestions and solution, please do try it and reply me, as I had resolved the problem…
Ajay, you too…

  1. Try to check that is the default port, 5555, is enabled in the system, or configured…from IS Admin page, ports option is there…See the access defaults in it.

  2. To run multiple IS on system, command will be …
    server.bat -debug 5 -port xxxx -log *
    you can change the port here…no problems

  3. To check the java is running, or something related, try to use javaw.exe…

Please reply back, If something happens, and do write if wrong or right.

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