preprocess of idocs in Content based Routing/Mapping

I want to write a preprocess for all incoming idocs. Like the Sample in “”. I found some information in the chapter 11 of the SAP Adapters users guide. But I don’t get my code running. I have included the* and but I receiv an error because the “*” classes could not loaded. In a subnote I can read: “To resolve the included Java classes, you must include the WmSAP package in the
dependency section of your application package.
” How can I do this? In the Developer → Shared → Imports Selection? If yes, what I should write in (wm.package.WmSAP don’t work)?

  1. Right click on your Application Package → select open
  2. Open the new package dependency icon in the package dependency section
  3. Provide the package name ans version (WmSAP package/version)

To get the version (is not sure) of the WmSAP package
Right click on WmSAP-> Select open.
You would see the version/patch/dependency information