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Maximizing Your Success, Meeting Your Goals

Premium Support Services, offered by Software AG Global Support, provides a holistic service approach to help you improve the performance, availability and stability of your solution environment. Learn how Premium Support Services can be tailored to meet your needs.

These days, everyone faces the sometimes conflicting goals of business expansion and cost management. The phrase “do more with less” is common, but how can this be possible when change is the only constant? Ideally, you are able to address all your technology needs with ease:

  • Rapidly implement new functionality needed by internal and external customers
  • Eliminate loss of business and goodwill due to unplanned outages
  • Ensure your environments are fully supported by your software vendors
  • Minimize impact of upgrades
  • Make the best use of your staff’s time and abilities
  • Operate within budgetary limits

If only the fast pace of business could be summarized into a list of checkboxes. Even with the best technical solutions (from Software AG, of course) and experienced staff, there can be bumps in the road that impact your organization’s effectiveness.

We listened to you, our customers, who told us that a “one size fits all” option doesn’t meet all your product support needs. You asked us to be more flexible in providing offerings that allow you to tailor your Software AG support experience, so you can focus on what’s important for your business.

Premium Support Services offers what you need. It’s a holistic service approach to help you improve the performance, availability and stability of your solution environment. Working with Software AG Global Support, you have an unmatched combination of product expertise gained from ongoing interaction with R&D and our field units, and practical experience from our work with customers around the world.

Meet Your Software AG Specalisits
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Your priorities change over time. New product implementations, application modifications, and the changing responsibilities of your technical team offer different challenges in the management of your production systems. The flexibility of Premium Support helps you deliver the best possible service to your own customers at all times. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are your advocate in Software AG, providing proactive and reactive services in helping you manage your solution environments
  • Designated Engineers (DEs) centrally manage your Support Incidents, providing specific technical expertise for your issues based on knowledge of your product usage
  • Go-Live Support provides you with dedicated on-site or on-call expertise, offering consultation, advice and support for key periods in your implementation cycles
  • End-of-Maintenance Extensions (EMEs) provide the security of knowing that your older product versions are fully supported until you have upgraded to a current version
  • An Enhanced SLA helps you address service demands from your own customers, with known timeframes and deliverables in the problem resolution process
  • Expanded Hours of Coverage provide full support during hours convenient for a staff that is distributed or shift-based

With Premium Support options, you can:

  • Safeguard operations by taking preventive actions to ensure high availability and stability of your solution environments
  • Reduce frequency and severity of incidents by proactively engaging Software AG resources
  • Resolve issues faster with enhanced knowledge and experience
  • Reduce unexpected delays and budget overruns
  • Enjoy continuous collaboration with Software AG
  • Obtain priority access to comprehensive and unmatched expertise

Look for additional information in Empower at, and contact us at to find out how Premium Support can help you.