Predictive Analytics Sample Not Working

Hi All,

I am trying to run the sample project for EnergyData , related to predictive analytics , and I am getting the below error,

ERROR [6560:processing] - <Instance_1> Failed to import PMML file EnergyDataModel.pmml, error null

As a result when the events are injected they are throwing the error,

INFO [6560] - [1] {“PredictiveAnalytics_Error”:“Discarding request(s) to process data for model Linear_Regression_Model, Model doesn’t exist or No Models available”}

Now as a pre-requisite , I checked and found that the zementis.license file is present in the directory,


Please help.


Which version of Apama/Predictive Analytics Plug-in are you using?

Can you also check if the license is valid (i.e. not expired) ?

Hi Sandeep,

It worked now , I replaced the zementis.license (which was in xml format , basically the PAMSE license xml ) which gets placed during the installation of predictive engine plugin , with the zementis.license used for Zementis installation (non xml .lic format).