Looking for those few brave souls out there who are implementing the RNTD… Would be interested in colaborating on design strategies. This is a discussion on query building and repository management. Topics include possibility of using native xml and xql technologies on a web client to build a query string… or… how to build a repository on a RMDS and easily convert PIP2A9 reponses to sql… etc…

Discussion is high level … any takers?

Hi Scott,

I have some experience with implementation of RNTD. We build the whole RNTD on SQL RDBMS. I don’t how do you want to use RMDS. but I know that implementation of RNTD is a whole different project. If you are working for a manufacturing company than how are you dealing with the Mapping of internal dictionary fields to RNTD. if you are working for a distributor than how are you mapping the multiple manufacturers field to RNTD. if you can explain a little bit than we can start the discussion.